African American History Exhibit at the Pennyroyal Area Museum

Museum Honors African-American History

The Pennyroyal Area Museum honors African American history in western Kentucky with a permanent exhibit. Photos of influential African Americans – both local and world-renowned – watch over the items that tell their stories. The stories told here are more than those of black history. They are the history of our region.

Attucks High School

From 1916 until 1967, Attucks High School in Christian County was the only upper-level high school available for African American students in Trigg and Christian counties. Named for African American Revolutionary War hero Crispus Attucks, the school closed when schools across the nation were desegregated. See memorabilia from Attucks – sports trophies, a band uniform, photos, diplomas, yearbooks and more.

Brooks Memorial Hospital

Brooks Memorial Hospital served the African American community in western Kentucky from 1944 until 1977. Even after area hospitals were desegregated, Brooks Memorial Hospital remained open, favored by those it had served for generations. At the Pennyroyal Area Museum, you’ll get a look at typical equipment used by hospital staff – nursery equipment, diagnostic machines and a patient exam chair.