16 Aug 2017

Eclipse Weekend at the Museums

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It’s finally Eclipse Time!

Friday, August 18, Saturday, August 19 & Sunday, August 20, 10am-8pm

The Pennyroyal Area Museum and the Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum will be open for extended hours all weekend. Visit and bring your guests to learn about this community’s heritage, get a glimpse of the time capsule contents, and leave your mark on an art piece to be sealed in the time capsule for seven years. Admission rates apply.

The Pennyroyal Area Museum and the Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum will be closed on Monday, August 21.

Fill the Community Time CapsuleImage result for time capsule

This solar eclipse is the biggest event to ever affect this community, and we want you to help us document it! What do you want to remember about this exciting time? Pop in and fill out a questionnaire for the capsule or bring us a special item to include. Make your memories a part of this project!

We will display the capsule’s contents at the Pennyroyal Area Museum during the eclipse weekend. The capsule will be sealed the following week and placed in a special location for safekeeping. We will open the capsule on Monday, April 8, 2024 when the next solar eclipse crosses the continental United States. Where do you think you’ll be by then?

CLICK HERE to fill out a questionnaire for the time capsule!

Museum Shop

The Museum Shop is stocked with everything from Christmas ornaments to mini posters to astronaut ice cream! Stop by and pick up items to commemorate this historic event. Check out our merchandise HERE.

So much is happening in Hopkinsville for the solar eclipse! For more information, visit http://www.eclipseville.com/.

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