Field Trips for Educators, Youth Leaders and Schools

Teacher and Youth Group Leaders!

Did you know that the Museums host several types of educational programs? We encourage you to use these programs to enhance your curriculum studies and youth group projects.  Our programs are divided into four series:

  • General History
  • Anthropology
  • Art and
  • Fiber Arts

Our programs are available in-house (here at the museum), on site (at various locations throughout Hopkinsville) and as outreach (where we come to your classroom).

The MoHHCC staffis also available to assist you with special projects and programs concerning our region’s history and heritage.

Museum Programs

History Series Programs

Museum Tour/Scavenger Hunt

Students (working in teams) are given a list of things to find throughout the museum. Fun learning!

Beverly Academy – A One Room School House

(On Site)
A unique program designed to immerse students into the actual setting of a late nineteenth century, one room school house. This program encourages students to explore the similarities and differences in schooling techniques between the 1890s and today through lively discussion, thoughtful observation and creative participation. Heritage school yard games are conducted outside.

Farming-Now and Then

In-House or Outreach
An exploration into the history of agriculture and old hand-farming
tools. Possible viewing of no-till farming video. Brief discussion about agricultural causing soil erosion.

Heritage Games

In-House or Outreach
Working with groups of 10-100 children, turn of the century games are taught and played. Recommended for grades 3 and up.

Artifact Basket

In-House or Outreach
The host reaches in a basket and pulls out an artifact. Discussion regarding what it is and what it was used for follows.

Hopkinsville Architecture

A program that incorporates an AV program, exhibit studies and a study of nearby buildings. Grades 2 and up.

K-1st Architecture

Exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns in nearby buildings.

Victorian Valentines

In-House or Outreach
Trace several ancient customs of Valentine’s Day up to present day commercial Valentine’s. Learn the symbols of Valentine’s.

Pioneer Room Storyteller

Using storytelling technique and visualization process to recount a families experience of packing for and moving to a new frontier

Keeping Warm

In-House or Outreach
Traditional methods of making cloth for rugs, blankets and clothing.

History in the Cemetery

On Site at Riverside Cemetery
This program is designed to realize the value of all cemeteries as sources of family history and genealogy information, as natural preserves, as a space to learn more about important events in our communities and the nations history, and a place to observe and study art and symbols represented in the stonework found in cemeteries.

Anthropology Series Programs

Native American Life and Lore

In-House or Outreach
Discuss American Indians in Kentucky and touch on
groups living in different regions of the US their
similarities and differences…homes, transportation, special
trade commodities and customs.

First Thanksgiving Program

In-House or Outreach
An exploration of life on the colonial farm, including the
sharing and exchange of food ways between the Native
Americans and early colonial settlers.

Winter Celebrations

In-House or Outreach
A historical and cultural review of several winter
celebrations practiced around the world.

Art Series Programs

Learning to Look

In-House or Outreach
Students learn the 7 basic elements of design and how to look for them in works of art.

Local Artists and Inspirations

In-House or Outreach
Students will learn there are a variety of mediums and how they can be inspired to create, or generate appreciation for these various mediums by listening to audio interviews of local artists speaking about their art and how they are inspired to create their work.

Fiber Arts Series Programs

Fiber and Fabric

In-House or Outreach
Brief history of how fiber is transformed into fabric. Children will learn to identify cotton, wool & linen as a raw fiber and as a fabric.

Natural Dyes

In-House or Outreach
Children will learn that plants contain pigments and that the pigments can be transferred to fiber/fabric by the process of dyeing.


In-House or Outreach
Brief history of papermaking. Smaller groups have optional hands-on experience making paper.

Spinning Tools and Techniques

In-House or Outreach
Brief history of spinning fibers into yarn. Children will learn to identify various tools used for spinning wool. Large groups will learn about carding, traditional Saxony wheel & drop spindle process through demonstration. Smaller groups have optional hands-on experience teasing & carding wool and using the drop spindle.

Spinning Exhibit and Demonstration

In-House or Outreach
Brief history of spinning fibers into yarn. Students will watch a demonstration of the process of wool from fleece to yarn with special exhibit showing various woven & knitted pieces as well as tools & dye plants. Two carding and 2 spinning techniques will be demonstrated.

Weaving Techniques

In-House or Outreach
A brief history of weaving. Large groups will watch a weaving demonstration. Smaller groups have optional handson experience learning simple weaving techniques.

What’s in a Quilt?

In-House or Outreach
An exploration of the history & art of quilt making and how to look at quilts and “see the pictures.