Souvenirs and Kentucky Crafts at The Vault by Planters Bank Gift Shop

Buy A Souvenir at The Vault by Planters Bank

Take home a piece of the “Pennyrile” – that’s how locals say “Pennyroyal” – when you buy a souvenir at The Vault. We have novelty and classic toys that inspire a bit of nostalgia. Buy a Kentucky tobacco walking stick or a piece of copper jewelry made Pennyroyal Artisans from the roof of our 1914 building. Try natural remedies recommended by Hopkinsville native Edgar Cayce.

Visit us in the shop in the Pennyroyal Area Museum – 217 East 9th Street – or shop online HERE!

Browse Our Book Shelf

When you browse our gift shop book shelf, you’ll find everything from local and Kentucky history – with many books written by local authors – to self-help and the supernatural. With a worldwide following, the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce have inspired books on a variety of subjects. Since many of Cayce’s readings involved health, you’ll find books about natural remedies and healthy lifestyles. Other books seek to uncover the secrets of such mystical places as Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle – or unlock the mysteries of the future.