Holiday Specials

$15.00 Bundles

Total Eclipse of the Holidays
2 flavors of Astronaut Ice Cream
Kentucky Eclipse Keychain
Kentucky Eclipse Small Poster
Get Eclipsed! The Complete Guide to the Solar Eclipse
Moon Pie
VALUE: $31.50

Salute the Troops
Fort Campbell in Vintage Postcards
Wings of Dawn
Jumbo Combat Military Soldiers
Local Postcard
VALUE: $37.44

Where’s the Fire?
Firefighting in Hopkinsville
Hopkinsville Fire Department T-shirt
Fire Department Stein
VALUE: $41.99

Crafts in the Good Ole Days
A Gallery of American Samplers
Early American Sampler kit
Corn Husk Doll Kit
VALUE: $33.45

Chef’s Choice
3 editions of Julia Comes Calling, local cookbook
Raw Honey from Bramble & Bee Farms
Sunflour Corn Meal Mix
VALUE: $39.88



$25.00 Bundles

See Kentucky
The Complete Guide to Kentucky State Parks
My Old Kentucky Road Trip
Kentucky Symbols postcard
State Magnet
VALUE: $48.94

Native American Heritage
John Ross: Cherokee Chief
Cherokee Removal: Before & After
Stone arrowhead reproduction
VALUE: $52.40

Alien Encounter
Alien Legacy
The Kelly Green Men: Alien Legacy Revisited
Kelly Hopkinsville Goblin T-shirt
Pack of Plastic Aliens
VALUE: $47.90

Night Rider Set
On Bended Knees
On Bended Knees DVD
Night Rider Newspaper Reprint
Night Rider Ornament
VALUE: $46.45

Edgar Cayce: Starter Kit
There is a River
Edgar Cayce’s Hometown
True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives
Sleep Mask
VALUE: $55.85

Edgar Cayce: Take Care of Yourself
The Alkalizing Diet: Your Life is in the Balance
pH Test Paper
Bee Balm Lip Salve
VALUE: $32.45

Edgar Cayce: Remedies
Edgar Cayce’s Quick & Easy Remedies
Herbal Breathing treatment
Russian White Oil
VALUE: $39.85

Edgar Cayce: Nourish
Nourishing the Body Temple
Aura Glow
Lavender & Roses Lotion
VALUE: $35.73

Edgar Cayce: Meditate
Meditation: The Light from Within
Peppermint Oil
Passion Flower Fusion
VALUE: $47.95


$40.00 Bundles

I Love William Turner Box Set
Hopkinsville Postcard Book
Christian County
Hopkinsville Then & Now
Gateway from the Past, Vol. II
Local Ornament
VALUE: $73.97

African American Heritage
Ted Poston: Pioneer American Journalist biography
The Dark Side of Hopkinsville, stories by Ted Poston, edited by Kathleen A. Hauke
Whitlock’s Compositions
Local postcard
VALUE: $68.40

Bill Cunningham Box Set
Castle: The Story of a Kentucky Prison
A Distant Light: Kentucky’s Journey Toward Racial Justice
Children of Promise
On Bended Knees
VALUE: $92.80

Historical Fiction Box Set
Children of Promise by Bill Cunningham
Death in the Black Patch by Bruce Wilson
Nick and Viola by Laura Muntz Derr
The Dark Side of Hopkinsville, stories by Ted Poston, edited by Kathleen A. Hauke
That Little Voice by Bettye D. Grogan
Calley’s Cottage by Bettye D. Grogan
VALUE: $107.85

Quilting Bee
Abstract Design in American Quilts: A Biography of an Exhibition
From Basics to Binding: A Complete Guide to Making Quilts
Chat Caddy Kit
Quilt Clip
VALUE: $80.90

For the Green Thumb
How to Grow More Vegetables
Vascular Plants of Kentucky
Trees & Shrubs of Kentucky
Posy Pin
VALUE: $82.35

The Kitty League: Images of Baseball
The Kitty League DVD
One Hundred Years of Tiger Football Tradition
In the Fall of 1962, Hopkinsville Found a Hero, and the Hero Found a Home
VALUE: $69.99