28 Apr 2014

KHQS Challenge Quilts, May 1-10

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No matter your age, I bet you have memories of a fresh, new box of crayons. Close your eyes? Can you smell them? http://raissasantiago.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/cor32a1259cef18a3e67bc16c7182.jpgDo you see them lined up like colorful little soldiers in a box? Whether you used a coloring book or a blank piece of paper, the opportunities for artistic expression were endless!

In 2013, Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society challenged quilters from across the state to remember how they felt with a new box of crayons and to interpret this feeling in a small quilted masterpiece. Thirty-one quilts were chosen to travel the state for the next year, and they are making a stop in Hopkinsville at the Pennyroyal Area Museum. Join us from May 1 through May 10 to experience these pieces of traditional artwork and to reminisce about childhoods full of colors and crayons.

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