Oral Histories

Oral histories are an excellent way to capture stories from those who experienced them. Hearing voices from the past helps to connect us to our heritage.

The Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County shares access to oral history projects that have been completed over the past several years. Interviews from the following projects are available here:

  • Kentucky Artists: Amy Davis interviewed Christian County artists as part of a Community Scholars project with the Kentucky Arts Council. Interviews were conducted in 1992 and also includes musical performances. These interviews are owned by the Pennyroyal Arts Council.
  • Hopkinsville Main Street Project: Karen Hegge interviewed Christian County residents during the county’s bicentennial. Interviews were conducted in 1997 and are owned by the Kentucky Oral History Commission.
  • The African American Experience in Segregated Hopkinsville: Janet Bravard, Jennifer P. Brown, and Alissa Keller conducted interviews with local African Americans about their experiences of segregation and integration in Hopkinsville. Interviews were conducted from 2017 through 2020 through a grant from the Kentucky Oral History Commission. The interviews are owned by the University of Kentucky and the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History.
  • Our Soldiers’ Stories: Started as part of a Big Read program, these interviews capture stories of local veterans. Existing interviews were conducted in 2019 and are owned by the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County.

Click on a name below to listen.

Kentucky Artists:

Cora Tolliver & Dorothy Tolliver

Willie Rascoe

Hopkinsville Main Street Project:

Nannie Croney

Mamie Dillard, #1, Mamie Dillard #2

Arnold Lynch

Eleanor McHenry & Linda McHenry, #1, Eleanor McHenry & Linda McHenry, #2

Bethellena & William Stokes

F. E. Whitney

F. E. Whitney

The African American Experience in Segregated Hopkinsville: 

R. Darryl Banks

Nannie Croney

Mamie Dillard

Wendell Lynch

Gwenda Motley & Valeria Watkins

Roy Mumford

Levi Peterson, Jr.

Bernard Standard

Mark Steele

James Victor

Our Soldiers’ Stories:

Roy Mumford

Older interviews have all been digitized thanks to an equipment grant from the Kentucky Oral History Commission.