05 Aug 2015

Night Rider Tobacco Raid Re-enactment

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Saturday, September 24, 2016KNE1907016

Pennyroyal Area Museum

7pm ONLY

Purchase tickets at the Pennyroyal Area Museum or click Tickets to buy online.

In the pre-dawn hours of December 7, 1907, several hundred masked men rode and walked into a sleeping Hopkinsville. Their intention was to destroy massive quantities of tobacco owned by large tobacco companies.

By capturing and holding the police and the fire departments, these Night Riders paralyzed the city. Shots rang out and into the darkness, and three warehouses full of the region’s precious dark-fired tobacco went up in flames.

At sunrise, three tobacco warehouses stood in ruin; homes and businesses were damaged; several citizens and Night Riders were injured; and one marauder was dead. The raid on Hopkinsville was considered a success.

Burned Warehouses 1907Why would this crew of bandits ignite a

portion of Hopkinsville? Working as the enforcement arm of the Dark-Fired Tobacco District Planters Protective Association of Kentucky and Tennessee, these men sought the total annihilation of the supply of tobacco held by large tobacco companies. This destruction would help the farmers receive fair prices for their tobacco crops. Take the Tobacco War Pilgrimage with us to learn more about the Association!

On the 75th anniversary of this fateful night, the Pennyroyal Area Museum conducted its inaugural reenactment of the Night Rider Raid on Hopkinsville. Join us this year on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 7pm for the exciting, 33rd Annual narrated hayride that follows the trail of the Night Rider Raid.downtown reenactment

Be sure to come down early to enjoy the Old Time Street Fair sponsored by First Presbyterian Church.


Reenactment Tickets: $12 Adults

     $10 Museum Members & under 13

     $8 ages 8 and under

Purchase tickets at the Pennyroyal Area Museum or click Tickets to buy online.

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