05 Aug 2015

Trial of the Night Riders

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How Say You?Inside the Courtroom

The Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Dr. David A. Amoss

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Christian County Courthouse


Purchase tickets at the Pennyroyal Area Museum or click Tickets to buy online.

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Tobacco War Pilgrimage will reach its dramatic height in the historic Christian County Court House. Plan to join us for a dramatic performance of the most definitive event during the era of the Tobacco War: the trial of Dr. David A. Amoss.

In 1910, the Christian County Grand Jury brought indictments against two Caldwell County residents. Dr. David A. Amoss, a rural physician at Cobb, and his second in command of the “Silent Brigade” Guy Dunning, a farmer living near Wallonia, were charged with leading the raid on Hopkinsville, before daylight, on Saturday, December 7, 1907.

The Night Rider Trial was convened on March 6, 1911 and continued for 10 days. The case of the Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Dr. David A. Amoss listed charges for damages incurred by Amoss and 256 other Night Riders named by six of their compatriots who turned state’s evidence.

The prosecution was led by Commonwealth Attorney, Denny P. Smith, of Cadiz, who was silently considered in sympathy with the Night Riders. Charles H. Bush served as Defense Attorney. Witnesses totaled 94; 68 for Dr. Amoss and 26 for the Commonwealth. Testimony centered around the raid on Hopkinsville. The jury was made up of 11 farmers and one town carpenter who had just moved to town from the county.

March 16, 1911 – The jury, out less than two hours, rendered the verdict…

Won’t you join us on Saturday, September 26 at 7:30pm in the historic courtroom where the trial was held 104 years ago to hear the “rest of the story”?

The re-creation of the trial, much like the original proceedings, made front page headlines in 2012. Read more about the trial from the view of the jury box in the Kentucky New Era article “Tobacco War Pilgrimage: Play nice addition to event.

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Purchase tickets at the Pennyroyal Area Museum or click Tickets to buy online.

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