Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County

Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County


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Field Trips, On site & Outreach programs

Did you know that the Museums host several types of educational programs? These interdisciplinary programs are specifically designed to correspond with Kentucky Academic Standards for social studies and can be tailored to fit any grade level.

Our programs are available in-house field trips, on site experiences at various locations throughout Hopkinsville, and as outreach programs that we bring to your classroom.

Experience Local History Firsthand!

The newly-renovated Pennyroyal Area Museum provides engaging, interactive, fun field trips for students of all ages. Our basic program consists of a group scavenger hunt through the museum that offers experiences appropriate for each grade level from kindergarten through high school. A visit to the museum focuses on civics, economics, geography, and history – all through the lens of local history, events, and people. From the Pennyroyal Plateau to the Civil War to African American history, the Pennyroyal Area Museum has so much to see!

Add on a visit to the Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum to learn about our local fire department and about various modes of historic transportation transformed our lives.

Want to know how a trip to the Museums fits Kentucky Academic Standards for social studies? Check it out: Pennyroyal Area Museum Social Studies Standards

Everett Field Trip Fund

Thanks to a bequest by former educator and Museum Board Member Beth Everett, the Museums provide funding assistance to schools to cover either admission or transportation costs. To apply for a scholarship, download, complete, and return the Museum Scholarship Application to Alissa Keller at

*Updated application coming soon! In the meantime, you can use this one.*

Let Us Bring History to You!

If you can’t bring your class to us, then we can bring the Museum to you! We offer a variety of programs focused on specific topics that help connect local history to your students. Outreach programs range from a general history overview to lessons on African American and women’s history – and so much more! Check out our featured outreach programs: Museum Outreach Programs

Have an idea or a need for a program not offered here? The MHHCC staff is also available to assist you with special projects and programs concerning our region’s history. We are always open to new ideas!

Interested in booking your group? Contact Alissa Keller at or at (270) 887-4270.

Explore history with us
All Museum Programs

In-House or Outreach, History
Learn about our own community’s rich African American history after the “Struggle to Freedom” program. Hear the connection of Muhammad Ali, Joe Lewis, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Posten, bell hooks, and other Hopkinsville locals.

In-House or Outreach, History
The host reaches in a basket and pulls out an artifact. Discussion regarding what it is and what it was used for follows.

In-House or Outreach, History
We will present a lesson on the history of creation of Camp Campbell and its ongoing importance to Hopkinsville, the nation, and the world.

In-House or Outreach, History
Just how did the Civil War affect Hopkinsville? Learn about the Oak Grove Rangers, the burning of our courthouse, and other facts that occurred in and around Christian County.

In-House or Outreach, History
An exploration into the history of agriculture and old hand-farming tools. Possible viewing of no-till farming video. Brief discussion about agricultural causing soil erosion.

On Site at Riverside Cemetery, History
This program is designed to showcase the value of all cemeteries as sources of family history and genealogy information, as natural preserves, as a space to learn more about important events in our communities and the nations history, and a place to observe and study art and symbols represented in the stonework found in cemeteries.

Onsite Downtown or Outreach, History
This 90-minute downtown tour or classroom presentation provides a crash course in local history while following the traditional structure of Shakespearean plays. This dynamic program weaves the story of this community from its earliest days to the present.

In-House, History
Stroll downtown’s streets with us to learn about the architectural styles featured in our built environment. This guided tour connects styles to history and to the people who constructed the buildings that make our unique streetscape.

In-House, History
Exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns in nearby buildings.

In-House or Outreach, History
Listen to a classic re-telling of the Bell Witch Story. This haunting account of a spooky spirit who terrorized a family in Adams, TN is the most well-known ghost story in the region.

In-House, History
Students (working in teams) are given a list of things to find throughout the museum. Fun learning!

In-House or Outreach, Anthropology
Discuss American Indians in Kentucky and touch on groups living in different regions of the US their similarities and differences homes, transportation, special trade commodities and customs.

In-House, History and Science

Delve into the great science minds born right here in Christian County, KY. Complete a fun science experiment as we connect our local history to the scientific world.

In-House, History and Science

One of the most dramatic and violent stories in local history is all about the economics of agriculture and tobacco. Learn about the Night Riders and big business in this program.

In-House or Outreach, History
Trace several ancient customs of Valentine’s Day up to present day commercial Valentine’s.

In-House or Outreach, Fiber Arts
An exploration of the history & art of quilt making and how to look at quilts and to see the pictures that they make. This program also explores shapes and basic geometry.

In-House or Outreach, Anthropology
A historical and cultural review of several winter and holiday celebrations practiced around the world.

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In-House or Outreach, Language Arts
Together we will explore primary resources from the Museum’s historic collection. After, the students will revise, edit, and translate these sources into contemporary language while writing an opinion piece.

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